Got broken HTC screen? Don't worry, it'll be replace for free

If you live in the US, from now on, don't worry about your cracking screen of HTC smartphone. Don't even think that the HTC smartphones are invincible, if you dropped it, it would be broke as usual.
HTC One broken screen

Instead of introducing new hardware, HTC announcing new Customer Service. That new program named "HTC Advantage" give these benefits for HTC One Series (currently includes the One, One Mini and One Max) and only for U.S.:
- Free screen replacements for the first six months of ownership.
- Keeping the Android software update to the latest for at least two years.
- Get 25 and 50GB of free Google Drive storage for two years from time of purchase.

HTC Advantage flagship

U.S. customers can get their screen replaced under the Advantage platform by sending their device out free to HTC, and getting it back within eight to ten days. Paying $29 will get you overnight shipping for faster turnaround, and the plan includes refurbishment or replacement of hardware if the broken glass is only the surface indicator of deeper problems, providing you’re still within the term of your original warranty.

Best of all, HTC Advantage comes at no extra cost to U.S. customers. You're now able to purchase an HTC One device with full confidence that you'll be covered in the event disaster strikes - for six months, anyway. This is a smart move by HTC, and Advantage hits a lot of the pain points of owning a modern smartphone, because Android smartphone makers have always struggled to differentiate their products from the rest of the field, and in the past the way they’ve tried to accomplish that is with modifications at the OS level that often come across as at best unnecessary and at worst, frustrating, and finding the replace-part is very hard. Let's wait and see how their customer respond.

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